International Science Programme (ISP)

ISP activities in Kenya


Scientists at University of Nairobi are members of the networks NABSA, SEANAC, ANCAP and NAPRECA.

Two research groups at the Department of Chemistry at University of Nairobi receive support for projects on (link to Chemistry research groups in Kenya):

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Natural Products Chemistry Research towards Management of Tropical Diseases


The Department of Mathematics at University of Nairobi is a member of the network EAUMP.


The physics programme supports four research groups at University of Nairobi with the following project titles (link to Physics research groups in Kenya):

  • Nuclear and associated analytical techniques in environmental science studies in Kenya
  • Research and development of solar cells based on dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 semiconductor thin film
  • Laser Physics and Spectroscopy
  • Seismology

and one research group at the University of Eldoret on

  • Photovoltaics.

Furthermore, scientists from University of Nairobi are members of the networks ESARSWG, MSSEESA and AFSIN.

(Link to the Department of Physics at the Univ. of Nairobi)

(Link to University of Nairobi)

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