ISP Board

ISP is governed by a Board consisting of members from Uppsala University, other participating universities in Sweden, representatives from developing countries, international organisations, and Uppsala University student organisations. The members of the current Board are presented below, also indicating which category they represent.

The instruction for the Board is contained in the Instruction for International Science Programme(in Swedish, revised 2016). A translation of the Instructionis available in English.

The members of the Board are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University for a period of three years, with the exception of the representative for the student organisations who is appointed by them for a period of one year. The composition of the Board, which is given in the instructions, is reflected in the list of members below. 

The Board decides on:

  • Overall guidelines for the operation
  • Rules of procedure within the programme
  • Grant applications, plan of action and budget
  • Which countries should be included for collaboration
  • Collaboration with other organisations
  • Appointment of members of the Executive Committee
  • Other issues that are remitted to the Board by the Executive Committee

The Board shall be kept informed about the activities in the programme, conduct necessary follow-ups and follow the financial outcome. The Board also appoints the members of the Reference Groups.

Members of the Board

The current ISP Board was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University for the period April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2024.

Professor Johan Tysk, Vice-Rector and Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University

Members from Uppsala University:
Dr Eva Söderman, Director, Division for Internationalisation

Professor Kersti Hermansson (Vice-Chairperson), Dept of Chemistry

Professor Lars Österlund, Dept of Engineering Sciences

Professor Fan Yang Wallentin, Dept of Statistics

Members from other universities:
Professor Tom Britton, Dept of Mathematics, Stockholm University

Professor Olle Inganäs, Dept of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linköping University

Professor Giulia di Nunno, Dept of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway

Member representing an International Organisation:
Dr Jennifer Blanke, Non-Executive Director, African Risk Capacity Ltd

Member representing Low and Lower-middle income Countries:
HE Prof Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Former President of Mauritius

Member with significant experience  from outside academy, with relevance to the program:
Mr Hans Corell, Ambassador (ret.)

Personnel organisations representative, Uppsala University:    
Professor Klaus Leifer, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering

Student representative, Uppsala University:
Ms Minh Thao Nguyen, Dept of Electrical Engineering

Deputy members:
Dr Jian Qiu, Dept of Mathematics, Uppsala University

Professor Jonas Bergquist, Dept of Chemistry, Uppsala University

Professor Vernon Cooray, Dept of Electrical Engineering, Uppsala University

2019 Board Meeting

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