Fellow evenings

ISP events and social gatherings for students, supervisors, and other visitors.

Coming events

Coming events:
Building Future Networks - April 22, 2021

  • Venue: via Zoom
  • Participants: PhD students and Postdocs from Sida and ISP programs from Swedish universities
  • Program:
    • 10:00 Welcome by Sida
    • 10:05 Information about ISP by Dr Peter Sundin, Director of ISP
    • 10:30 Prof Charlotta Turner (Lund University) about Doctorateness
    • 11:30 Lunch
    • 12:30 NABC workshop with UU Innovation

The NABC method was developed by the Stanford Research Instie many years ago. Since then millions of researchers all over the world have used the method to present their research in an easy-to-understand way. This is your opportunity to learn how to communicate the value of your research and avoid rejections based on incomprehension.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a ”soft” understanding of how to think about research from a user perspective, and how to present research in an easy to understand and compelling way.

Last modified: 2021-02-23