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Past Events

21 March 2019 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

PhD graduates from ISP supported groups in Ehtiopia gathered at Ras Amba Hotel in Addis Ababa for an alumni meet. ISP staff and group leaders from chemistry, physics and mathematics got a chance to meet, eat and mingle with the former PhD graduates. All graduates who were present are currently working at universities in or around Addis.Thank you all for coming!

Alumni of the quarter 2021

Tilahun Abebaw

Math Capacity Builder - Dr Tilahun Abebaw

ISP would like to recognize Dr Tilahun Abebaw for his important work to build research capacity in Ethiopia.

Dr Tilahun Abebaw started his career at Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia, where he obtain his bachelor´s and master´s degree in mathematics. He was an ISP Sandwich PhD student between AAU and Stockholm University, Sweden between 2006 to 2009.

- With the supports from ISP lots of staff members and Mathematicians from other Ethiopia universities were trained and got their PhD degrees and that is helping to build the capacities of Mathematics Departments in Ethiopian universities.

Dr Tilahun is today working at the Department of Mathematics at AAU and is involved in both teaching and research. The staff at the department are conducting research in both pure and applied mathematics. Dr Tilahun’s research area is in pure mathematics, more precisely in Algebra.

Since 2013 he is the group leader the ISP supported mathematics research group at AAU. The overall objective of the research group is to build the research capacity of the Department of Mathematics and that the department can run research and graduate training by its staff in the future. The group has been supported by ISP since 2005.

So far, 4 sandwich students from AAU have graduated with a PhD and 4 are ongoing. Since the PhD program at AAU started the department has also graduated 33 PhDs during the period 2014 to 2020, and they have 33 ongoing PhD-students in the local program. The ISP funding is also used to support the local PhD programs, and among other things to support expatriates to give courses and to supervise the students.

- I would like to thank Sweden for the enormous support to us and my thanks also goes to the ISP team being led by Leif Abrahamsson. Almost all of the current and former ISP Sandwich students in Mathematics, including myself, consider Leif as our Swedish Father, as he and his team always treated us as like a father.

Keep up the good work, Dr Tilahun! We are happy that you are a part of the ISP family.

Food Engineer – Prof Jenny Ruales Nájera

ISP would like to recognize Prof Jenny Ruales Nájera for her excellent work with food security in Latin America.

Read more about Dr Jenny Ruales Nájera.

ISP Alumni of the Quarter 2020


ISP would like to recognize Prof Nilufar Nahar for her important contributions to increase international, regional and national chemistry collaboration and her engagement in ISP activities.

Read more about Prof Nilufar Nahar.

Photo of Jared Ongaro

Brilliant mathematician - Dr Jared Ongaro

ISP would like to recognize Dr Jared Ongaro for his outstanding contributions to increase the popularity of math research in Africa.

Read more about Dr Jared Ongaro

Physics Role model - Dr Manjura Hoque

ISP would like to recognize Dr Engr Sheikh Manjura Hoque for her prominent contributions to the development of the materials science research in Bangladesh.

Read more about Dr Manjura Hoque.

ISP Alumni of the Quarter 2019

Genomics Expert - Prof Collen Masimirembwa

ISP would like to recognize Prof Collen Masimirembwa for his immense contribution to genomics research in Africa, for establishing the first DNA testing center in Zimbabwe and for his tireless efforts to strengthen research capacity in the region.

Read more about Prof Collen Masimirembwa.

Director General for Renewable Energies - Dr Bruno Korgo

ISP would like to recognize ISP graduate and Physicist, Dr Bruno Korgo, for his important work towards scaling up renewable energy in one of the least electrified countries globally, Burkina Faso.

Read more about Dr Bruno Korgo.

Picture of Betty Nannyonga by Oskar Lürén retrieved

Gender Equity Advocate Dr Betty Nannyonga

ISP would like to recognize ISP graduate and Ugandan mathematician, Dr Betty Nannyonga, for her outstanding and important work towards creating a gender-balanced representation in the basic sciences in Uganda and Eastern Africa.

Read more about Dr Betty Nannyonga.

Lightning Guru Dr Chandima Gomes

ISP would like to recognize Sri Lankan engineer and physicist, Dr Chandima Gomes, for his outstanding contributions to the lightning protection field in Asia and Africa.

Read more about Dr Chandima Gomes.

Last modified: 2021-05-16