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ISP News 2022

New Program Director in ISP Chemistry

Meet ISP’s new Chemistry Program Director Dr Solomon Tesfalidet!

Hi Solomon, who are you?

- I was born in Asmara in Eritrea, where I had my primary and the first years of my secondary school education. I completed my secondary school in Sweden and continued with my studies at Umeå University, Sweden, where I obtained both my BSc and PhD.

After being a postdoc at PerkinElmer - the department of research and development in Überlingen, Germany, I turned back to Umeå University and got employed as senior lecturer in analytical chemistry.

Currently I am working 50% as  associate professor at Umeå University and 50% at ISP.

My current research area is Electroanalytical chemistry: Development of sensors for detection of therapeutic drugs and heavy metals. Previous research area was the development of analytical methods for species specific determination of inorganic and organometallic compounds.   

Why did you want to work with ISP?

- The mission of ISP, which is based on strengthening the capacity of higher education and research in low and low-middle income countries is very important. Part of my work at the department of chemistry, Umeå University, has dealt with capacity building and collaboration with countries outside EU, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Kosovo and South Africa. My decision to work with ISP is therefore a matter of course.

What are your expectations of working at ISP?

- Successful collaboration with partner countries in line with the mission of ISP

Something you would like to add?

- This is my first month at ISP and I am looking forward to get to know all the participants of the ISP chemistry program!

Welcome Solomon! We are looking forward to working with you!

Two New Members in ISP Board

ISP welcomes Prof Fan Yang Wallentin (Dept of Statistics) as a Board member, and Dr Jian Qiu (Dept of Mathematics) as a Deputy Board member. Both of them work at Uppsala University, Sweden.

At the same time ISP would like to express its sincere gratitude to the outgoing Board members Dr Veronica Crispin Quinonez (Uppsala University).

Prof Fan Yang Wallentin, who are you?

- I am a Professor of Statistics at Uppsala University, Sweden. I did my bachelor and master studies at Tianjin University of Finance & Economics, China, but received my PhD in Statistics at Uppsala University in 1997. My research focuses on the theory and applications of latent variable modeling and other types of multivariate statistical analysis, particularly their applications in the social and behavioral sciences.

I have published research articles in several leading statistics and psychometrics journals. I have also taught courses related to latent variable modeling and other statistics in Sweden, the USA, China, and several European countries. In addition, I have broad experience in statistical consultation for social and behavioral sciences researchers. I am a recipient of the Arnberg Prize (Arnbergska priset) from the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

Why did you want to work with ISP?

- I have always been interested in working with people from different cultural backgrounds. My life experience can tell how important it is to get a chance to receive a better education. Therefore, I want to make efforts to help people to promote their life via education and other related ways.

I believe that ISP is a platform that can help students from low income countries to reach their scientific dreams. Therefore, I want to join the ISP to build educational bridges between Sweden and other countries.

What are your expectations of this work?

- I expect to be more involved in the discussions regarding the ISP´s strategies and learn more about how ISP functions as an organization. It is always a joy to get to know new colleagues.

Dr Jian Qiu, who are you?

- I was educated as a theoretical physicist, and now I am a lecturer in the mathematics department. My research focuses on mathematical physics. I obtained my PhD at University of Florida, USA.

Why did you want to work with ISP?

- I have not worked with ISP before, but I found the work ISP does very meaningful and makes a strong impact in the less developed parts of the world. I look forward to the opportunity of working with people from round the world.

What are your expectations of this work?

- I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the work of ISP, be it in facilitating the various programs, or in personally participating in these myself. 

Thank you for your time, Prof Wallentin and Dr Jian. We are looking forward to having you on board!

Last modified: 2022-12-03