ISP news 2020

the mathematics of the corona outbreak

18 March 2020

Prof Tom Britton at Stockholm University, Sweden, is a members of ISP Mathematics Reference group.

Listen to his fascinating lecture on the mathematics of the Corona outbreak at 

New ISP Co-workers 2020

15 January 2020

ISP is happy to announce two new colleagues starting in February 2020. Deputy Program Director of the Physics Program Barbara Brena (left) and Project Coordinator Ulrica Ouline (right).


Barbara Brena – Deputy Program Director Physics

Associate Professor Barbara Brena currently works at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University. Her research focuses on materials modeling for renewable energy sources, using theoretical soft x-ray spectroscopy. Her academic career did however start with experimental research at the synchrotron Elettra laboratory in Trieste, Italy, where she also origins from. Barbara currently serves on the Board of Uppmax (Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science), and previously as Member of the ISP Board and the Board for a non-profit organization working with education in developing countries (U3V). Barbara will, together with Program Director Carla Puglia, manage the Physics Program starting from 1 February. She will work 50% at ISP and devote the remaining time to research at the Department of Physics. 

- I am am very curious to start working in a new environment with such interesting projects and challenges. I am eager to meet my new colleagues and work together, and of course I am very excited to meet all the researchers from around the world and learn about their activities.

Contact: from 1 February 2020 

Ulrica Ouline – Project Coordinator

Ulrica Ouline works as an International Officer at the Division for Internationalisation at Uppsala University, where she is responsible for different projects in primarily Asia and Africa. She is an experienced project coordinator, who has been working closely with Uppsala University Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson for many years. She has organized and coordinated several international projects, conferences, events and visits. Previously, she has been working as a upper secondary school teacher in history, religion and development studies in Uppsala. At ISP she will replace Rebecca Andersson, working with communication, follow-up, strategic development and Alumni coordination starting from 5 February on 50%. She will remain half-time at the Division for Internationalisation. 

- I believe ISP is doing an excellent job in building research capacity in least developed countries and I´m very happy to start working here! I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues around the world.

Contact: from 5 February 2020