What we do

Through the core program, ISP assists low and lower-middle income countries to build and strengthen their domestic research capacity and postgraduate education in the basic sciences – chemistry, mathematics and physics.

ISP is also engaged in the Swedish coordination of all Sida bilateral research programs, as well as in other collaborations, through special agreements.

ISP core program

The core program at ISP consists of three sub-programs within physical, chemical and mathematical sciences. The collaborations within each sub-program are mainly of two types. Collaboration with a research group at a university department or collaboration with a network of research groups at different departments, typically in different countries in a region. In some cases the networks are national or interregional. Each of the three sub-programs has a reference group, that assists ISP in the scientific evaluations of the proposals and acts as an advisory committee in scientific matters.

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Other collaboration

These collaborations are based on agreements and/or MoU's with other universities, research institutions and agencies. In each case the collaborating partner provides full cost cover for the activities. Existing collaborations today:

PACM - Tanzania

Stockholm University - Sweden

TICA/TSRI - Thailand

Last modified: 2022-03-15