Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia

ISP is coordinating a collaboration between the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University and Al Baha University in Saudi Arabia. More information about Al Baha University.

According to the agreement between the two institutions the objective of the collaboration is "the improvement of academic programs, training, research activities and educational quality assurance within fields of science and technology at Al Baha University". The agreement particularly emphasizes the importance to include female staff and students: “Particular attention is on female students and staff members at Al Baha University, with the aim to expose the female students and staff members to international research and teaching cultures”

Furthermore, it is written that the cooperation shall: “Promote friendship and mutual comprehension between the two institutions”

In its meeting 2013-03-12, the ISP Board adopted the following clarification of the intentions of the collaboration:

a) The collaboration agrees with ISP’s belief that higher education and research in basic sciences is of importance for “development of scientific, critical thinking based on reproducible evidence (promoting rational governance and democracy development”.

b) ISP sees an important opportunity to contribute to women’s emancipation in Saudi Arabia through the collaboration. ISP’s engagement also aims at contributing to democratisation and increased respect for human rights in Saudi Arabia.

c) In perspective of existing tensions between Islamic and “western” societies, which in many places come to worrisome expression, it is important to increase the mutual understanding between the concerned cultures and to bridge differences through friendship and tolerance.