Bilateral collaboration with Mozambique

Since October 2011 ISP is the Swedish coordinating body of the Sida bilateral program at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Maputo, Mozambique. The agreement period between Sweden and Mozambique for this program was 2011 - 2015, with an extension up to 31 December 2017. A new bilateral agreement has been signed for the period 1 November 2017 - 31 December 2022.

The program consists of 12 subprograms in different disciplines. The main focus during the agreement period lies on capacity building through postgraduate training. Around 150 students are planned to take part in the training for MSc and/or PhD - the majority for PhD and a smaller part for MSc. Part of the postgraduate training will take place at universities in South Africa (about 50 students), and the rest will be on sandwich programmes at universities in Sweden.

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Scientific programs
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Scientific programs

  1. Land use and Agricultural Technologies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development (LASD-MOZ). UEM coordinator: Sebastião Inácio Famba (
  2. Impact of Zoonotic Diseases on Public Health and Animal Production in Mozambique. UEM coordinator: Sonia Santana Afonso (
  3. Technology Processing of Natural Resources. UEM coordinator: José da Cruz Fransisco (
  4. Integrated Water Resources Management – Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of IWRM for Sustainable Development is Southern Mozambique. UEM coordinator: Nelson Matsinhe (
  5. Energy Science and Technology Research Programme (EnerPro) in Mozambique. UEM coordinator: Geraldo Nhumaio (
  6. A global Research Programme in Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics. UEM coordinator: Joao Paulo Munembe (
  7. Development of Research Culture and Capacity in Education. UEM coordinator: Inocente Mutimucuio (
  8. Strengthening of Biological and Oceanographic Research Capacity at the Department of Biological Sciences. UEM coordinator: Almeida Guissanulo (
  9. Medical Radiation Physics. UEM coordinator: Alexandre Maphossa (
  10. Maternal and Child Health in HIV/AIDS High Endemic Area – Mozambique 2010-2014. UEM coordinator: Sibone Mocumbi (
  11. Archaeo-Antropological and Historical Research in Mozambique: From Middle Pleistocene to the Contemporary. UEM coordinator: Hilário Madiquida (
  12. Environment and Climate Research Programme. UEM coordinator: Alberto Mavune (
  13. Library. UEM coordinator: Horácio Zimba (

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UEM News and Events

ISP and UEM has arranged a number of workshops and meetings over the years. Below are some examples of previous activities.

Joint UEM-ISP-KTH conference 26 March 2015

"With aim to strengthen higher education and national research systems through the support to research, postgraduate training and to the development of institutional capacity for research management, Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and the Swedish Embassy in Maputo have agreed for the need to start preparation of the next phase, foreseen to start in 2017." 

All Swedish universities were invited to participate in a conference jointly organized by UEM, ISP and KTH, with the aim to inform about the bilateral cooperation, and to discuss future activities in the coming phase. 

Workshop in Stockholm 3-4 November 2014

The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the current period of the UEM–Sida program (2011-2015), to discuss and agree on mechanisms for better management of the program, to discuss findings from the midterm evaluation of the program, as well as to prepare for the next coming phase of collaboration.

(Picture: Professor Ana Maria Mondjana, Academic Vice Rector at UEM and Professor Carlos Lucas, General Coordinator of the UEM-Sida program.)

Mid Term Evaluation 12 - 17 June 2014

This was held in Maputo, with many Swedsih collaborators participating

(Picture: Professor Fan Yang Wallentin, Department of Statistics at Uppsala University, together with her Master student Mr Herlander Naimuche from UEM. Mr Naimuche graduated for MSc in Statistics at Uppsala University in June 2014.)

Workshop in Lund 11 - 12 November 2013

(Picture: Participants in the workshop in Lund, November 2013.)

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Contact information


Carlos Lucas, Director of Cooperation Office/Coordinator of UEM-Sida Programme.

Bettencourt Capece, Scientific Director.

Dulce Faife Tembe, Director of Internal Audit Office.

Orton Malipa, Financial Office.

Vasco Manjate, Programme Officer.


Leif Abrahamsson, Program Director.

Therese Rantakokko, Program Administrator.

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