Documents regarding the bilateral agreement with Rwanda:

Planning documents:

Budget guidelines
Planning template 2020-2021
Sweden Program Planner
Budget template Planning year 2

Financial Reporting:
Reporting Template Swedish institutions Updated 200826
Financial reporting and Audit presentation 200514

Contract Enclosures:
Enclosure 1 University of Rwanda and Sweden Research Partnership 2019-2024 Sida contribution No 11277 - Annex E
Enclosure 2 - Sida’s general conditions applicable to Grants from Sida to Swedish Governmental Authorities - Annex A
Enclosure 3 -  Sida´s Standard Terms of Reference for Annual Audit of Project/Programme support“ - Annex I Updated July 2020
Enclosure 4 UR-Sweden Programme’s Supplementary guidelines - Annex G
Enclosure 5 List of Swedish collaborating Universities - Annex F


Scientific programmes

Collaborating Swedish institutions:

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg University (GU), Jönköping University (JU), Karlstad University (KU), Karolinska Institutet (KI), Linköping University (LiU), Lund University (LU), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm University (SU), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Södertörn University (SH), Umeå University (UmU), University of Borås (HB), Uppsala University (UU), Örebro University (OrU),

Project 1: Integrated agricultural production systems: an obliged path towards one-health, sustainable agriculture and healthy food production

Teamleader UR: Dr. Guillaume Nyagatare
Teamleader SLU: Dr. Abraham Joel

Swedish partner university: SLU

Project 6: Engendering rural transformation for sustainable development

Teamleader UR: Prof. Alfred R. Bizoza
Teamleader SLU: Assoc. Prof. Linley Chiwona-Karltun

Swedish partner university: SLU

Project 8a: Institutional capacity building for relevant management and economics research of high quality towards sustainable socio-economic transformation of Rwanda

Teamleader UR: Prof. Rama B. Rao
Teamleader JU: Prof. Daniel Pittino

Swedish partner universities: JU, KU and UmU

Project 8b: Institutional capacity building for relevant management and economics research of high quality towards sustainable socio-economic transformation of Rwanda

Teamleader UR: Dr. Johnson Bosco Rukundo
Teamleader GU: Dr. Yonas Alem

Swedish partner university: GU

Project 9: Strengthening capacity for sustainable bioenergy, waste management and air pollution control in Rwanda

Teamleader UR: Dr. Kabera Telesphore
Teamleader UmU: Dr. Christoffer Boman

Swedish partner universities: KTH, SLU and UmU

Project 11: Enhancing water resources and environmental management (E-WREM) for sustainable livelihood in Rwanda

Teamleader UR: Prof. Umaru Garba Wali
Teamleader LU: Prof. Magnus Larson

Swedish partner universities: LU and KTH

Project 19: Strengthening Research Capacity and Research Training Partnership in Peace, Conflict and Security

Teamleader UR: Dr. Peter J. Mugume
Teamleader GU: Dr. Gunilla Blomqvist Sköldberg

Swedish partner university: GU

Project 20: Towards sustainable social development: Strengthening social work education, research and practice in Rwanda

Teamleader UR: Dr. Hahirwa Joseph
Teamleader GU: Prof. Lena Andersson

Swedish partner university: GU

Project 29: Strengthening Research Capacity and Expertise in Digital Health

Teamleader UR: Dr. Louis Sibomana
Teamleader SU: Prof. Uno Fors

Swedish partner university: SU

Project 31: Infectious Diseases

Teamleader UR: Prof. Jean Bosco Gahutu
Teamleader GU: Dr. Sofia Birgersson

Swedish partner universities: GU, KI and Umu

Project 35: Research Capacity Development in Sustainable Energy

Teamleader UR: Dr. Charles Kabiri
Teamleader Chalmers: Prof. Sverker Molander

Swedish partner universities: Chalmers, GU and JU

Project 40: Strengthening Research Capacity in Mathematics, Statistics and Their Applications

Teamleader UR: Dr. Froduald Minani
Teamleader LiU: Prof. Martin Singull

Swedish partner universities: LiU, KTH and SU

Project 41: Undernutrition an interdisciplinary programme focusing on children and their mothers

Teamleader UR: Prof. Aline Umubyeyi
Teamleader GU: Prof. Gunilla Krantz

Swedish partner universities: LU, SLU, SH and UmU

Project 44: Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for increased relevance of University of Rwanda to the country

Teamleader UR: Dr. Emile Bienvenu
Teamleader SH: Dr. Tomas Kjellqvist

Swedish partner universities: SH, JU and LU

Project 45: Research management support to strengthen the UR strategic and operational research capacities

Teamleader UR:
Teamleader LU: Prof. Bo Göransson

Swedish partner universities: LU, KI and OrU

Project 48: University of Rwanda ICT Infrastructure and Business Solutions

Deputy Teamleader UR: Mr. Daton Eric Ngilinshuti
Teamleader SU: Prof. Uno Fors

Swedish partner university: SU

Project 49: Research support to Rwanda through the University of Rwanda library services - “Library research support”

Teamleader UR: Dr. Robinah Kalemeera Namuleme
Teamleader HB: Ms. Veronica Trépagny

Swedish partner universities: HB, SLU and UU


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