Bilateral collaboration with Tanzania

ISP has been assigned by Sida as the coordinating entity for the Swedish activities in the bilateral program with four institutions in Tanzania: three universities (ARU, MUHAS and UDSM) and the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, COSTECH. The agreement period between Sweden and Tanzania for this program is 2015 - 2020. The program consists of 30 subprograms in a wide range of disciplines. The main focus during the agreement period lies on research capacity building and institutional capacity building. The postgraduate training will take place both at universities in Tanzania and in Sweden (sandwich students).

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News and Events

14 October 2019: Meeting Tanzania Bilateral program.

Venue: Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel (SkyCity)
Time: 09:30 - 17:00
Registration: Click here to register!

One of the main goals of this meeting, is to follow up on the (informal) meeting that a number of us had in May at the Swedish Embassy in Dar es Salaam, where we, amongst others, discussed ways to improve the quality of the program in the next phase (2020-2025).

Johan Hellström from the Swedish Embassy in Dar es Salaam will join us online during the morning session.

5-15 November 2019: Annual Review Meetings in Tanzania

Nov 5 (Tuesday) COSTECH
Nov 6 (Wednesday) MUHAS
Nov 7 (Thursday) ARU
Nov 12 (Tuesday) travel to Dodoma
Nov 13 (Wednesday) UDSM (Dodoma)
Nov 14-15 (Thursday, Friday) UDSM Conference in Dodoma (see practical information below)
Nov 16 (Saturday) travel back from Dodoma

Hotel information for people attending the meeting in Dodoma:

Saint Gaspar Hotel & Conference Centre, Dodoma
- Distance to the venue is 7.4 km
- Rate Per Day 40 USD
- Booking should be via the following email address : 
- Clearly introduce yourself with this code UDSM-Sida 2015-2020
- Phone Number:  +25571523007

This hotel has very good environment. The Cocktail party will be hosted at the same hotel. The transport from the hotel to the Conference venue will be available. The conference' shuttle bus will pick the participants from  the hotel at 7.30 hour.
Other recommended hotels which we do have control on accommodation rate and transport will not be available (Self handling)
Nashera Hotel Dodoma
 -Located at the city center 
- Distance to the venue is 1.9km (23min walking)
New Dodoma hotel 
- Located at the city center
- Distance to the venue is 1.6 km ((17min walking)

Past events


Enclosures to Agreements with Swedish collaborating partners:

The numbering below refers to enclosures to the sub-contracts signed with the Swedish collaborating partners. Attachment 1 has four different versions for each of the collaborating institutions in Tanzania. The ZIP-files contain the Agreement between Sida and the Tanzanian partners, and its enclosures as listed in this Agreement (including the overall budget for each cooperating partner), with the exception of enclosures 4 & 5.

1.1) Agreement between ARU and Sida, 2015-2020
       Agreement with enclosures:
1.2) Agreement between COSTECH and Sida, 2015-2020
       Agreement with enclosures:
1.3) Agreement between MUHAS and Sida, 2015-2020
       Agreement with enclosures:
1.4) Agreement between UDSM and Sida, 2015-2020
       Agreement with enclosures:

2) Sida Guidelines 2008: Support to National Research Development

3) Uppdragsbeskrivning för årlig granskning och rapportering (in Swedish)OBS! Direktiv för granskning av transaktioner.

Insurance for students and other visitors - Terms and conditions

° Swedish State Group Insurance and Personal Insurance (GIF, 2015)

Minutes and presentations

The minutes of the Tanzanian coordinators meeting held at the Embassy on 16 January 2018 (unsigned): 180116CoordinatorsMeeting.pdf

Presentations from administrators meeting in Uppsala, 22 August 2017

The minutes of the Tanzanian coordinators meeting held at the Embassy on 11 January 2017 (unsigned): 170111_Minutes.pdf

The minutes of the Annual Review Meetings for 2015-2016 held in Dar es Salaam, November 2016.

ARU: Agreed Minutes Sida-ARU ARM 2016
COSTECH: Agreed Minutes Sida-COSTECH ARM 2016
MUHAS: Agreed Minutes Sida-MUHAS ARM 2016
UDSM: Agreed Minutes Sida-UDSM ARM 2016

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Scientific Programs

Below is a list of those subprograms in the bilateral collaboration that involve Swedish partners. For easy reference, UHR's internal numbering of the applications from Tanzania is included in the list.

Ardhi University (ARU)

2190. Quest for Alternative Urban Planning Model for Small Towns in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Ally Namangaya (
Swedish collaborator: Zeinab Tag-Eldeen, SLU (

2191. Governance of Land and Municipal Services in Urban Centers in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Alphonce Kyessi (
Swedish collaborator: Zeinab Tag-Eldeen, SLU (

2193. Real Estate Market Dynamics and Housing Finance.
: Felician Komu (
Swedish collaborator: Henry Muyingo, KTH (

2197. Informality and Habitation in the Context of Changing Urban Landscape.
Coordinator: Livin Mosha (
Swedish collaborators: Zeinab Tag-Eldeen, SLU (, Erik Johansson, LU (

2201. Access to Land Resources Vulnerability and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Moses Kusiluka (
Swedish collaborator: Jenny Paulsson, KTH (

2203. Developing Capacity to address Challenges of Commercial Pressure over Land for Large-scale Investment in Agriculture, Energy, and Minerals Exploitation.
Coordinator:  Lusugga Kironde (
Swedish collaborator: Eva Liedholm Johnson, KTH (

2273. Research Supporting Components and Community Outreach Programme.
Coordinator: Riziki Shemdoe (
Swedish collaborator: Zeinab Tag-Eldeen, SLU (
Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)

2300. Research Communication.
Coordinator: Jim Yonazi (
Swedish collaborator: Caroline Wamala Larsson, SU/Spider (

2301. Building Systems for high quality, relevant research in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Nicholas Nyange: (
Swedish collaborator: Dan Wilhelsson, VR (

2302. Fostering innovation for sustainable socio-economic development.
Coordinator: Dugushilu Mafunda (
Swedish collaborator: Tomas Kjellqvist (

Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS)

2249. Getting the Health system to deliver for mothers and babies in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Siriel N. Massewe (
Swedish collaborator: Mats Målqvist, UU (

2253. Strengthening Health System Research Capacity for Enhancing Innovations and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development.
Coordinator: A.D. Kiwara (
Swedish collaborator: Anna-Karin Hurtig, UMU (

2254. Building a stronger MUHAS in supporting Research and Innovations.
Coordinator: Tandi E. Lwoga (
Swedish collaborator: Caroline Wamala Larsson, SU/Spider (

2255. Strengthening Interventions for Control and Elimination of Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases as an Integral Part of Global Efforts for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Omary M.S. Minzi  (
Swedish collaborators: Eleni Aklillu, KI ( and Andreas Mårtensson, KI (

2262. Research Capacity Strengthening for the Control of HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) in Tanzania. Coordinator: Muhammad Bakari (
Swedish collaborator: Anna Mia Ekström, KI (

2266. Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Care in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Anne H. Outwater (
Swedish collaborator: Marie Hasselberg, KI (

2269. Research Training Support Programme.
Coordinator: Mainen J. Moshi (
Swedish collaborator: Ingeborg van der Ploeg, KI (

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)

2212. Consolidating Research and Analytical Capacity in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology for Food Security.
Coordinator: Yohanna W. Shaghude (
Swedish collaborator: Mats Björk, SU (

2213. Sustainable Agricultural Productivity, Processing, and Value Chain for Enhancing Food Security in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Agnes Mwakaje (
Swedish collaborator: Gert Nyberg, SLU (

2219. Strengthening Research Management at UDSM.
Coordinator: Shukrani Manya (
Swedish collaborator: Caroline Wamala Larsson, SU/Spider (

2221. Capacity Building in Interdisciplinary Molecular Biosciences Program.
Coordinator: Anthony Manoni (
Swedish collaborator: Sanja Tibell Savic, UU (

2224. iGRID: Smart Grid Capacity Development and Enhancement in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Nerey H. Mvungi (
Swedish collaborator: Hannu Tenhunen, KTH (

2231. Agribusiness and Sustainable Development.
Coordinator: Lettice Rutashobya (
Swedish collaborator: Linley Chiwona Karltun, SLU (

2235. Development of Affordable Adsorbent Systems for Arsenic and Fluride Removal in the Drinking Water Sources in Tanzania (DAFWAT).
Coordinator: Felix Mtalo (
Swedish collaborator: Prosun Bhattacharya, KTH (

2239. Linking Public-Private Partnership for Secure Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Kilombero River Basin.
Coordinator: Joel Norbert (
Swedish collaborator: Steve Lyon, SU (

2240. Sustainable Sanitation in Theory and Action (SUSTAIN).
Coordinator: Richard J. Kimwaga (
Swedish collaborator: Sara Gabrielsson, LU (

2275. Capacity Buidling in Mathematics in Higher Education in Tanzania.
Coordinator: Sylvester Rugeihyamu (
Swedish collaborator: Bengt-Ove Turesson, LiU (

2280. Innovation and Sustainability in Tourism.
Coordinator: Wineaster Anderson (
Swedish collaborator: Lena Mossberg, GU (

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Map of Tanzania

Contact information

University of Dar es Salaam  (
Prof. Cuthbert Z.M. Kimambo, Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research,

Dr. Latifa Mbelwa, Sida Programme Coordinator,

Prof. Bruno Sunguya, Director of Research and Publications, E-mail:

ARDHI University (
Prof. Gabriel Kassenga, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs,


Ernst van Groningen, Overall Swedish Coordinator.

Peter Roth, Administrative Coordinator.

Archana Ganganaboina, Administrator.

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