ISP Chemistry

The International Programme in the Chemical Sciences (IPICS) was launched during the academic year 1970/71 using the model of the already existing program in physics.

Main areas supported are:

  • Organic and inorganic environmental chemistry
  • Chemistry of natural resources (bioactive substances, clay)
  • Biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology
  • Food chemistry/nutrition
  • Ecological chemistry
  • Materials science


Supported research groups

ISP Chemistry supports research groups in the following countries:

Supported networks

  • ANCAP - African Network for the Chemical Analysis of Pesticides and Other Pollutants
  • ANEC - African Network of Analytical Chemists
  • ANFEC - Asian Network of Research on Food and Environment Contaminants
  • ANRAP - Asian Network on Research on Antidiabetic Plants
  • CCS - Cambodian Chemical Society
  • NAPRECA - Natural Products Research for Eastern and Central Africa
  • NITUB - Network of Instrument Technical Personnel and User Scientists of Bangladesh
  • RABiotech - West African Biotechnology Network

Formerly supported groups and networks

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