IPICS focuses its activities on providing assistance to create viable and independent research teams of an international standard. In the countries with which IPICS has cooperation, chemistry is in a stage of development. Therefore, most of the research groups supported by IPICS are located at university departments. This means that in the support given, IPICS also assists the department in creating or strengthening their MSc and/or PhD programmes.

All activities to be supported are proposed by the groups in the respective countries and should be in line with the plans of department, and follow national priorities. IPICS supports a broad range of chemical research; both fundamental and more applied. IPICS also encourages interdisciplinary research, based on well-founded knowledge within the participating disciplines.

Main areas supported are:

  • Organic and inorganic environmental chemistry
  • Chemistry of natural resources (bioactive substances, clay)
  • Biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology
  • Food chemistry/nutrition
  • Ecological chemistry
  • Material science

History of the programme

The chemistry program at ISP was launched the academic year 1970/71 using the model of the already existing program in physics. The two programs were announced as "The International Seminars in Physics and Chemistry".