African Network of Electroanalytical Chemists (ANEC)

ANEC consist of several research groups in the field of analytical chemistry in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and South Africa. The groups work together to share experiences, knowledge, and facilities to address environmental and development challenges in Africa as well as to promote sustainable development on the continent.

ISP has supported the research group since 2013. The network is coordinated by Dr Issa Tapsoba, Department of Chemistry, University Joseph Ki-Zerbo (formerly University of Ouagadougou), Burkina Faso.


The overall objectives of the network is to foster research activities in the field of bioelectroanalytical and electroanalytical chemistry among African scientists working in and outside Africa, and to promote and encourage the use of (bio)electrochemical approaches in basic and applied sciences within environmental and food control and protection, health, and economy in Africa.

More specifically the network aims to:

  • improve and optimize technologies for the preparation of cost-effective, non-toxic and stable (bio)sensors based or not on materials for environmental monitoring
  • increase scientific south-to-south exchange by supporting student mobility and visiting scientists
  • create opportunities to train junior researches especially postgraduate students at laboratories where facilities are available
Last modified: 2023-08-28