Network of Instrument Technical Personnel and User Scientists of Bangladesh (NITUB)

NITUB ( is dedicated to scientific education and research in Bangladesh. NITUB was launched in 1994, and has been supported by ISP from that year. Its primary mission is to ensure that scientific equipment of educational institutions, research organizations and public and private enterprises function properly and scientific activities do not suffer for non-functioning equipment. Activities target towards generating skilled technical personnel in all sectors by training, and to offer technical help with NITUB's pool of technicians when instrument maintenance and repair services are needed.

NITUB activities are coordinated by the General Secretary, Professor Altaf Hussain, Department of Chemistry, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. NITUB is since 2008 registered under the Societies Registration ACT XXI of 1860 of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as a learned society.


The aims and objectives of NITUB are to:

  • Improve upon the capabilities of the technical personnel and user scientists in handling, maintaining, trouble shooting and repairing of scientific instruments
  • Maintain an inventory of available scientific instruments and its present status of different institutions
  • Keep inventory of technical personnel who can offer technical assistance to NITUB
  • Repair instruments and offer technical services to different educational and research institutions of Bangladesh by the technical personnel from the pool of NITUB and if necessary, to procure the services of foreign technical experts
  • Create a stock of spare parts and accessories required for repair of instruments on a routine basis and make them available to various institutions as and when necessary
  • Conduct training courses for the technical personnel and user scientists on different types of scientific instrument
  • Fabricate scientific instruments for educational and research purposes

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Acting Coordinator:
Professor Altaf Hussain, Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka

Last modified: 2023-09-14