West African Biotechnology Network RABiotech

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa have formed a West African Biotechnology Network (RABiotech) to develop research and development in biotechnology of microorganisms, plants and animals, so that students need not leave the region for their Master and Doctoral education.

The network was formed in 2002 with initial funding by the World Bank, to realize the training and research in biotechnology and environment sciences. ISP support started in 2008.

University Joseph Ki-Zerbo was designated as the regional center, using its Centre de Recherche en Sciences Biologiques, Alimentaires et Nutritionnelles (CRSBAN) for the training at the MSc and PhD level of students from sub-Saharan Africa in biotechnology. The activities are coordinated by the Network President, Professor Mamoudou H. Dicko. The total structure of the network reaches more than fifty teachers, coming from institutions in Africa and in Europe.


The general objective of the network activities is to ensure and reinforce training in biotechnology at the MSc and PhD level, and to share research on local challenges. As a specific objective, by offering training locally the network aims at limiting the brain drain from the South to the North. In general, it contributes to consolidating the bases of socio-economic development of Africa, in particular that of the network member countries.

Contact RABiotech

Acting Coordinator:
Professor Mamoudou H. Dicko, University Joseph Ki-Zerbo
Email: mdicko@univ-ouaga.bf

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Last modified: 2023-10-03