Southern and Eastern Africa Network for Analytical Chemists (SEANAC)

SEANAC ( was formed after the realization that African chemists are not able to effectively carry out analytical chemistry research in the continent due to a lack of resources. Since its inaugural conference in 2003, which attracted analytical chemists from all parts of Africa, it has been realized that SEANAC is the African network of analytical chemists. ISP started to support the network in 2005. The network is coordinated by Professor Nelson Torto, University of Botswana,Gaborone, Botswana.


Despite the wider participation, the objectives of SEANAC are still to

  • Promote analytical chemistry in the region through collaboration, research, research training, teaching and information sharing
  • Facilitate inventory, access, operation, maintenance and repairs of analytical equipment as well as
  • Collaborate with organizations of similar aims

It is within the SEANAC objectives that there should be efforts to encourage sharing of resources and experiences by African chemists and where possible with chemists in Europe. This has been reflected in its activities where either European based chemists come to Africa or SEANAC sends researchers to visit research groups in Europe. With the support from ISP since 2005, SEANAC has been able to offer 3-6 months research fellowships for graduate students as well as postdoctoral scientists for regional collaboration.

Nodes in the network

Last modified: 2021-04-12