ISP Mathematics

The International Programme in the Mathematical Sciences (IPMS) started in 2002. Since then, around 40 students have obtained a PhD-degree, many more MSc's have been trained and hundreds of scientific articles have been published in International journals.


Currently one research group and eight networks in mathematics are supported by ISP:

  • three in East Africa (AAU, EAUMP and EANWoBAS)
  • one in West Africa (PDE, Modelling and Control)
  • four with members from countries across Africa (APREA, CoRS, EAALG and PDEAPP)
  • one in South East Asia (SEAMaN)

Training of master students within the networks is performed on a regional level and training of doctoral students is partly done regionally, but also in collaboration with scientists from Sweden and other countries, mainly in Europe.

African Mathematics Seminar (AfMS) is a weekly online seminar open for all, that was launched during the pandemic in 2020. The organizers are alternating through the different African countries while giving different regions their chance to host the seminar. The idea to introduce the seminar came from Dr Jared Ongaro at University of Nairobi.

Supported research groups:

  • AAU, Ethiopia - Department of Mathematics, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Supported networks:

  • APREA - Applied Probability Research in Eastern Africa
  • CoRS - Combinatorial Research Studio
  • EAALG - Eastern Africa Algebra Research Group
  • EANWoBAS - Eastern Africa Network for Women in Basic Sciences
  • EAUMP - Eastern Africa Universities Mathematics Programme
  • PDEAPP - Partial Differential Equations and Applications
  • BURK:01 - PDE, Modelling and Control
  • SEAMaN - South-East Asia Mathematical Network

Formerly supported groups and networks

Last modified: 2023-09-28