The International Programme in the Mathematical Sciences (IPMS)

Since the start in 2002, around 40 students - supported with ISP funds to various degree - have obtained a PhD-degree, many more MSc's have been trained and hundreds of scientific articles have been published in International journals. A number of conferences, workshops and schools have been organized.


Currently four networks in mathematics are supported by ISP - two in East Africa (EAUMP and EANWoBAS), one in West Africa (PDE, Modelling and Control) and one in South East Asia (SEAMaN). All four networks have as a goal to create a critical mass of researchers and students in their respective regions. Training of master students within the networks is performed on a regional level and training of doctoral students is partly done regionally, but also in collaboration with scientists from Sweden and other countries, mainly in Europe.

Upcoming event: The 4th EAUMP Conference and The 5th Network Meeting for Research Groups in Mathematics in Sub-Saharan Africa, to be held in Arusha, Tanzania, 17-22 August 2020 - Postponed to 2021.

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