Mathematics research groups in Ethiopia

IPMS supports one research group in Ethiopia, located at Addis Ababa University (AAU):

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

The collaboration in mathematics at Addis Ababa University started in 2005, was interrupted in 2009 and restarted in 2011. The supported research group consists of the whole Department of Mathematics at AAU. Activities are coordinated by Dr Tilahun Abebaw.

In 2021 the department reported

  •  1 PhD-graduation and 2 MSc-graduations (all local).
  • 16 publications in International scientific journals.


Due to the high demand from the government and the commitment to expand graduate programs from the university, the department has undergone a major curriculum reform and established an in-house PhD program in addition to a large number of enrolment for the Master's program. To substantiate the shortage of expertise in various research areas in mathematics, the department has established a network with several universities and research institutes abroad.

The general objective of the group is to increase the contribution of research and postgraduate education in Mathematical Sciences both at national level as well as at the global level by building the capacity of the Department of Mathematics, Addis Ababa University. The group has five research components: Analysis, Differential Equations, Multilevel Programming, Mathematical Epidemiology and Algebra. Much of the activities consist of in-house PhD-training, with invited lecturers and supervisors.

The department has scientific collaboration with the network EAUMP.

Last modified: 2023-08-29